The history of the snack BOSNA




1. Salzburger Original Bosna Grill

(© Photo courtesy of magistracy Salzburg Dept. 5)


Bosna were in the Nonstop Kino buffet the first time - the origin of the Bosna - which was opened after the war on April 29, 1949 offered.

The name of the snack BOSNA originated from the word combination "Best Of Snacks". The snack was unique and the best of his time.

The decisive factor was that the Kinobufett in Salzburg Nonstop Kino was visited at the former College Place and today Hanuschplatz after the war mainly by American soldiers. They were stationed in the immediate vicinity.

1973, we have been partners of the original Bosna Grill, which its location expanded with us and we were successively awarded the right, as is the designation BOSNA / "Original Bosna" to lead.

From 1979, we introduced BOSNA / Original Bosna first Austria and internationally in the episode itself both as a well with partners.



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